Common Questions and Policies

Generally our customers are some of the most of awesome people around. CAUTION: Common side affects of being our customer includes feelings of accomplishment and excitement. Don't worry, side affects usually subside after a few hours, but if they don't, What the heck, Go You!

- We prefer vectorized graphics, .eps, .ai, svg or pdf files. Image files (.jpg or .png) can be printed & we recommend 300 dpi at about 25% of the finished size.

-You can do your own design on Canva! Get your free subscription at

Then select "create a design" enter the size of your sign in inches and make your design. If larger than 5ft just design half the size (ie 10ft x 2ft design 60" x 12") Save/download as a "print pdf" and send to me to print (this is one of the last options)!

Yes we can make this easy and you can get your custom sign printed with us.

-We try to print and make your graphics at the highest quality, that being said we can not guarantee print quality of the artwork provided to us. We will let you know if the artwork is not good, but the ultimate print quality will directly reflect the quality of the electronic file provided to us.

- Due to fluctuating prices in materials, quotes are only good for 30 days.

- All signs will be shipped UPS ground in the US

- All customer install decals and graphics come with instructions and small practice decal. Please install your practice decal first and if there are any problems contact us before installing your finished graphic.

- Returns: Custom signs can not be returned after artwork is approved by you. We do offer refunds or replacements of any sign damaged or lost by UPS/USPS/ect. Any product that is not to our standard and is defective we will refund or replace as well.


How to take a good picture for us to size your vehicle or storefront.


tips for taking a good picture